Following the bump

We created a simple and minimalistic app, where you can easily follow your baby’s development.

We wanted to create something beautiful for the moms to be, but also for the engaged dads, grandparents and other family members.

Myself, being a mom to be and expecting our little girl soon, I was reading a lot online and all quality pregnancy and parenting books I could find, so what I wanted from an app was a joyful reminder every Friday (when our girl starts a new week ♥) to share with my family.

My husband, being a very excited first time dad, also wanted to be engaged.

We wrote this little app thinking about our needs, and decided to publish it in case more families could be happy with it.

In the app you can find a short and sweet weekly update on your baby’s development. I found the idea of fruits representing the size of the baby cute and amusing (my family was waiting every week for an update of whether it’s a lime or an apple in my oven this time), therefore we added that to the app as well.

Last but not least, I try to stay healthy in my pregnancy. There were many things I had no influence over, but diet and exercise I could work on. I have read multiple articles on the importance of a healthy diet and exercise during pregnancy. That moms who worked on themselves, went stronger into labour, had less complications and that the birth was easier on them and the baby, than in case of mums who decided not to exercise during pregnancy.

Therefore I was curious, how much should I gain and when during pregnancy, for both of us to stay healthy. We wrote a calculator based on Danish and American guidelines for an easy way to track where, approximately, the weight should be, in that week, depending on pre-pregnancy BMI. I hope it will not cause you to be too hard on yourselves.

We are all different and a happy, glowy mum is the goal ♥.

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